Ana Moser should hand over the Sports Ministry boosted with sports betting tax to Centrão

    The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, should promote a ministerial reform with a view to attracting more votes in the National Congress. Lula chose to hand over the Ministry of Sport to Deputy André Fufuca (PP-MA). The folder must be ‘supercharged’ with resources from sports betting tax.

    According to Terra, the government seals the agreement for the support of ‘Centrão‘ with the departure of Ana Moser from the Sports Ministry and Márcio França from the Ministry of Ports and Airports to be occupied by Silvio Costa Filho (PE), vice-president of the Republicans.

    This Monday, the 4th, the Minister of the Social Communication Secretariat, Paulo Pimenta, stated that the reform was a matter of hours.

    This change in folders tends to represent the end of Ana Moser’s management, who was part of Lula’s personal quota and was not affiliated with any party. According to Column do Estadão, the ministry will be reinforced with money from sports betting taxation.

    The Provisional Measure that provides for this charge still needs to pass through Congress and should be approved in the coming days. The only changes were not made due to Lula’s desire to talk to everyone involved.

    Recently, the president of Brazil even said that he would create the 38th ministry, that of Small and Medium Enterprises. He made the proposal with the intention of accommodating Centrão parliamentarians and not having to evict Ana Moser.

    It is worth noting that Ana Moser has been facing this risk of leaving the Ministry for a few weeks now. At a press conference, she said she has no control over the issue. “Outwardly, I have no control over [the matter]. And internally, I have to maintain our work”, he told Agência Brasil.

    “This is an external matter, I have no control or anything like that. I was invited by President Lula in December [to be a minister] and I’m here. And when he disinvites me, I leave,” he added.


    Centrão wants to forward resources from the taxation of sports betting to states and municipalities

    The Centrão group, however, did not accept the offer, already aiming to increase the values ​​​​of the Ministry of Sport with the taxation of sports betting.

    Also according to Terra, the new structure planned for Sport should incorporate part of the collection of betting taxes. Centrão’s goal is for this amount to be directed to states and municipalities through the National Sports Fund.

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