Sports betting CPI could be extended in the Chamber by Arthur Lira

    The sports betting CPI may be extended by the President of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL). The information came from parliamentarians who are part of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee and was published on the Poder360 website.

    However, the president of the Chamber has not yet confirmed it. Furthermore, the president of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), Ednaldo Rodrigues, was invited to participate in the commission last Monday, the 11th.

    However, the director is with the Brazilian men’s team in Lima, Peru, for the second round of the South American World Cup qualifiers. He informed the CPI in advance that he would not be able to attend the hearing.

    Despite this, deputy Wellington Roberto (PL-PB) proposed a request to summon Rodrigues.

    The CPI rapporteur, Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE), reported, however, that parliamentarians chose to invite the CBF president to a new meeting on September 20th.

    However, the sports betting CPI’s operating period ends this Thursday, 14th.

    According to Poder360, the expectation was that Carreras would present the final report for voting this Monday, but the analysis was postponed. The members intended to vote on other requests.

    The rapporteur asked to analyze the requests on Wednesday, 12th, as they would not be “harmed” given the “signal” that the CPI may have its deadline increased.


    Sports betting CPI and the possibility of continuing work

    In the middle of last month, the sports betting CPI approved the request to extend the period of activities by two months. The request needs to be approved by the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies.

    However, Arthur Lira had signaled that he would not prolong any of the four active committees in the House. The ones from Americanas and the MST (Landless Rural Workers Movement) also lose validity on Thursday.

    While the cryptocurrencies CPI will be finalized on September 28th.

    According to Poder360, the advisor to the president of the sports betting CPI, Júlio Arcoverde (PP-PI), claimed that there is no confirmation that Arthur Lira would have agreed to extend the collegiate.

    The Chamber president’s advisors, in turn, stated that they were “unaware” of such negotiations between the two parliamentarians.

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